Google Maps empowers you to create beautiful maps for your sites, apps and internal platforms. See how location intelligence can open new growth possibilities for your business:

Make Better Decisions

Connect with unique insights by displaying data on Google Maps.


of customers report improved business efficiency.

Deepen User Engagement

Increase visitor interactions by embedding maps into websites and applications.


of customers use our APIs to boost customer satisfaction.

Streamline Operations

Monitor, manage, and protect important assets using Google Maps.


of customers report increased productivity.

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Better public safety

  • Coordinate operations

    Combine data into a single, shared map that facilitates rapid decision-making, improved officer security and asset resource coordination.

  • Analyze crime

    Display tactical, strategic and administrative data and analyze trends visually to develop intelligent policing strategies.

  • Optimize resources

    Provide increased efficiency and coordination of other first-response agencies and resources through location-sharing and dispatch tool.

Improved emergency management

  • Improve situational awareness

    View emergency information on a map to support decision-making during critical operations.

  • Improve operating picture

    Combine data from different agencies into a single map to share with all emergency response teams.

  • Easily navigate data

    View, edit and share GIS data with a familiar tool that is easy for anyone to navigate and use.

Efficient municipal utilities

  • Faster decisions

    Combine data from different public works agencies into a single map that is easy to use and facilitates decision-making.

  • Optimize resources

    Efficiently coordinate public works agencies and resources through location-sharing and dispatch tools.

  • Improve citizen services

    Publish location-based mapping data online for easy public access and improved citizen services.

Manage public health

  • Coordinate operations

    Combine data from various agencies across jurisdictional boundaries into a single map to visualize resources and provide for rapid decision-making.

  • Optimize resources

    Provide increased efficiency and coordination of healthcare agencies and resources through intuitive location-sharing and dispatch tools.

  • Reduce training

    View, edit and share GIS data through a familiar visual interface that allows public health agencies to prepare and respond to public health problems.

See your data on Google Maps

Make your geospatial data more accessible so that anyone in your workforce, from the office to the field, can find it. With your data securely stored on Google's cloud, mobile workers can access maps anytime, and collaborate from anywhere on any device.

Your assets

Get a unified view of your assets such as emergency vehicles and personnel.


Your Imagery

Add your own imagery such as emergency events, environmental changes and city planning.


Your Data

Map and analyze your own data such as census data, crime statistics and incident reports.


Third-Party Data

Leverage third-party data such as weather information, traffic updates and emergency information.


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